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The United States government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services anywhere in the world, and the one most accessible to the average small business. In 2010, federal spending included $536.7 billion in contract awards, $557.7 billion in grants, and another $357.5 million in loans and guarantees.
Of this, the largest portion of the dollars went to the Department of Defense (DOD) at $367 billion, followed by the Department of Energy (DOE) at $25.7 billion, and then NASA at $16 billion.

The government goes to great lengths to encourage small businesses to bid on contracts for some of these needs. In fact, Federal agencies are required to establish contracting goals, with at least 23 percent of all government buying targeted to small business firms. 

Selling to the Government can provide significant revenues for your business and provide a cyclic income for multiple years, depending on the contract.

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Book Three: “Guerrilla Strategies for Government Service Contracts”
Learn How To Avoid the Eight Critical Failure Points And Win More Profitable Work 

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In 2010 Federal spending in Government Contracts was $536.7 Billion dollars. in 2014 that number shrunk to $443.3 Billion, a reduction in Government spending of $93.4 Billion Dollars!

NOW, more than ever, you need Guerrilla Marketing strategies to stay competitive!

This 8×10 full color illustrated book is written for the Government marketing executives and proposal professionals with an existing and fairly developed understanding of the field of Government contracting. Book one in this series is written for those who are just starting out or have only a rudimentary understanding.

This book contains advanced strategies and techniques for winning Government service contracts. It is intended to get people thinking about developing and implementing those strategies and how to best accomplish the job of business development for Government contracts other than the traditional ways they may have been taught.

AZMO-icon06 cowThis book is intended to be both provoking and controversial. You could also say that one of the purposes of this book is to hunt sacred cows. I point out important tips, ideas, warnings, reminders, technical issues, and actions for you to try out for yourself.

So many companies in Government contracting today don’t really lose to their competition — they eliminate themselves by committing clumsy, inept, stupid mistakes or outright illegal actions, either in full awareness or unwittingly. This book will help you to avoid the eight most common of these mistakes, and by doing so, your win rate will increase, and you’ll be able to add more profitable work to the company’s resume.

  • The right target
  • Due diligence
  • The right team
  • Guy on the ground
  • Hire a professional
  • Start on time
  • The right price
  • The right management

In this book I will teach you what the failures are, why they fail, and how to turn them into eight formidable principles for success. In this book you’ll learn:

  • Why your company is going out of business and what you can do to reverse it
  • The reasons you failed and how to correct the little mistakes that led to a big loss
  • Powerful strategies for fixing the problems and not the symptoms
  • How just this one small trick of having a “guy on the ground” can double your win rate
  • The truth about Price to Win (PTW) analysis and how to avoid being scammed
  • How to tell when to just walk away from that “perfect” target
  • The power of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and how to do it right
  • And much more…


Book Two: The Business Development Lifecycle
Processes and Strategies for Service Contracting Professionals

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Book two in this three-part series describes the entire lifecycle of Business Development beginning with the decision to enter the market through successful Phase-in of the contract. It covers the 5 Phases of Business Development described here on our site in detail along with what steps are performed, when, how, and why.

Whether you are a service contracting professional interested in raising your win rate or a new corporate executive assigned to running the Business Development Department, you will benefit from this book.

Produced in full color with a clear roadmap and detailed instructions on each step performed, the input and outputs produced, and who in the organization is responsible for each task performed, I will give you the knowledge and the skills you need to become an expert in Service Contracting.